Monostich, revisited

what is a poem compared to a dirigible.

If you were a one-line poem, where would you be? Well, frankly, you could be just about anywhere these days, they’re getting to be all the rage, but a lot of them, as I’ve mentioned before, hang out on this blog called Monostich that fourteen of us collaborate on. I try to post something there every few weeks, although since my memory is more or less shot, sometimes it’s not that often.

Below is most of what I’ve posted on Monostich since the last time I wrote about it. Be merciful, this whole thing is a grand and beautiful and sometimes disastrously failed experiment. Like most of life. You should go over and see what some of my co-conspirators have posted if you want a better sense of the possibilities of the form.

(By the way, the sound at the end of “monostich” is “k,” not “ch.” And there’s no “t” in it. It’s not a monostitch-in-time, although that would be very poetic.)


suspecting rain in everything he does


luna moth her see-through skirt


individually wrapped pieces of rain


solar flares fireflies shift allegiance


bees buzzing my dread of namelessness


after the haiku about fireflies the fireflies


old pond its acoustic properties




8 thoughts on “Monostich, revisited

  1. so many fine so fine ones, dear m, what kind of playground is this, for those fully sprung from the head of the muse, i ask you

  2. I like this exercise. I went over to monostich to read over others and get an extended feel for the form. I’ll definitely add this form to my toolbox and start building with it right away.

    slivered moon streams red northern lights rabbit path

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