13 thoughts on “(the iris)

          • Wow… I’d missed that one of Marlene’s. Must write it down.

            I’m glad you don’t think it’s over the top, I trust your instincts on these matters. I am kind of wondering if the O’Keeffe-y image might be too directive. “Get it? Get it?”

            I really, really want to know what your first 4 impulses were.

            • I work at a museum that owns an O’Keeffe pastel of an orchid. Ravishing, and as a metaphor, explicit. It’s effective, though, because it’s also a frank portrayal. That is, after all, what an orchid looks like from that angle and in that light. The metaphor comes from the viewer, and isn’t nature amazing.

              We refer to parts of plants and parts of us in similar ways. In part because our parts possess similarities, and also because we are looking for them. You are playing with description vs. nomenclature, and that’s also interesting.

              I suppose it’s true that the image expands on, or describes, the haiku. On the other hand, as pat said, sumptuous.

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