(the stars I see)



the stars I see
and the stars
your voice a few feet away
in the darkness

American Tanka 20: A Few Feet Away


17 thoughts on “(the stars I see)

  1. Awesome in every sense and context. Beautiful in spirit, too! Painful in a silky way like the unseen waves of feelings in the vastness between the limits of what we see and what we can’t. Your heart is fertile, Melissa. It’s blossoming with day lilies. Much love…

  2. Your tanka is heartbreaking in context of the letter I received this weekend. Funny how much more the words hold when you’re living the experience. Thanks for this…it’s a fitting tribute.

      1. Hi, Melissa, The news was that there would be no healing… Sometimes we just have to accept that and move on. Still, it takes its toll as we go. But life is not always “our idea”…and sometimes what is “not healing” for me might be “healing” for another.
        Thanks for your kind words. And thanks for your creative spirit.

  3. This is very moving, Melissa. The uncertainty that the stars are even actually there anymore, compared with the “you”, who may be there in memory only. And the yawning chasm between both spaces.

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