(in your blue)



had to swallow the green in your blue a long time until dark


This one was hard. Wow. I’m not even going to tell you how long it took me. I almost gave up. It’s almost bedtime now. Sigh. I wanted to write more today. I’ll write more tomorrow instead. Tomorrow keeps coming, it’s very reassuring.


7 thoughts on “(in your blue)

  1. this is cool Melissa
    the whole idea of negative space in poetry
    makes me want to pull down some old book myself
    but you say that you’re not supposed to even read the page beforehand
    just scan along line by line then? seems once you start scribbling there’s no changing your mind–Peter

    • Well, you’re not really supposed to read it as a coherent text, just scan it for individual words. I kind of fail at that because I don’t read word by word, I ingest large chunks of text all at once inadvertently, but YMMV. You can go through and underline or circle words that look interesting and then play around with various combinations of them.

  2. I’m really liking you erasing your way through the book of your own name. That very idea seems to have endless depth. I’ve cut up book pages before to make poems out of the bits, but I might try this way too. And thanks for sharing a bit about the ups and downs of your writing days – it’s a comfort and encouragement.

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