11 thoughts on “December 11 (Crows)

  1. bwahahahahahahaaha. …as i return to my pages from the vivid image of your crows.

    why is it that in comparing things each becomes stronger unto itself? – your story AND the crows.

    damp night air
    under this leaky sky
    my soggy chair

    • ps. did i Mele Kalikimaka e Hau’oli Makahiki Hou! you, Melissa? i know your interest in language and this is such a fun phrase to say. okay and wish on you too. (Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!)

      • Thanks, Wrick! Yeah, all those Polynesian languages are so wonderfully musical, I wonder what haiku would be like in them. 🙂
        S rozhdestvom i s noviym godom to you (Russian, in my own eccentric transliteration …).

    • I wrote a whole bunch of ku similar to this one last night … maybe someday I will put them all together.

      I like my music

      Except that kind of seems unfair to rain. It has its own sound, it shouldn’t feel like it has to compete with music …

      • aloha Melissa – yeah, the Hawaiian language is definitely song worthy – altho, i’m not. bwahahahaha. other than to myself may be…

        yeah – i agree… the sound of rain for me is a beautiful sound – like music. altho there is something to be said about the music of our own being too. if we can like that, i think we end up appreciating a lot of other music in the world too.

        music and langage, fun and joy on you. aloha.

  2. Melissa,

    I Forgot His Name a Long Time Ago from the Gean Tree —

    Extremely good. You are both old and wise beyond your years and young in spite of your years. I like it.


    • Thanks so much, Don.

      This makes me realize how remiss I have been in not letting you know that “Issa’s Untidy Hut” is one of my favorite places on the Interwebs and I jump for joy whenever you have a new post. Almost literally. Especially “Issa’s Sunday Service,” which might as well have been created specifically with my taste in mind. (Music! Literature! Poetry! Issa! I mean, if there were only a little chocolate in there I could probably live on it for several weeks.) Anyway … Fantastic work, thanks for doing it and please keep it up.

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