December 21:2 (Solstice)

standing still
for the full moon


scheduled to post at 5:38 p.m. CST, when the sun stops and time starts running backward and history repeats itself and … oh, that’s not what happens? never mind, then.


5 thoughts on “December 21:2 (Solstice)

  1. History repeats or not….full moon is a sight to see; and sadly i couldn’t watch it last night,

    Good additions…especially the Haiku-verses you do, Melissa 🙂


  2. bwahahahaaha – yeah, i went out 4 different times last night (altho i didnt think the eclipse would be particularly see-able). 3 were mostly clouds with a variable glow. one i saw the disc but not like the blood red moon i watched in 2007.

    still… fun to be out and see. there was a great glow to the land tho, even beneath the clouds.

    high glow
    in shadow and cloud
    the big red moon

    …you are definitely running on backward time now. hawaii time to CST was 5 hours difference. now it’s only 4 hours difference. so you see, you are clearly running on backward time now.

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