April 18: Idle Thoughts in Spring




I keep
so many
of your secrets.

Rain blurs
the lines
between us.

Some day the moon
will be fully

The birds
are talking
in an effort
to get lucky.

Last night,
nothing happened

I have no idea what happens
anywhere else
on the planet.

I mean it about the moon:
everything will be known
in the end.



8 thoughts on “April 18: Idle Thoughts in Spring

  1. Your ‘idle thoughts’ are quite refreshing. Thank you for sharing them.

    spring rain –
    all the talk
    turns to summer

  2. …all makes sense of this burst of blooms that make another sky too soon too soon litter on rain soaked steps…Thanks, Melissa!

    • I can’t wait for that burst of blooms to show up here, we are having a very prolonged winter and I think it will be several more weeks before we see any of those blossoms that everyone else has been talking about for so long…But once we do, I’ll probably have a slightly more optimistic spring poem to share. 🙂

    • Hi, Mark! Thanks for stopping by. I love your website…had never seen it before, though I recognize many of your poems from recent issues of journals (they have been some of my favorites). I’ll be keeping tabs on it from now on. 🙂

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