what if the meaning of red dragonfly


Yes, that’s right. It’s that time again. Time for found poetry consisting entirely of search terms that were used to find my blog recently.

Well? What if the meaning of red dragonfly? Then what?


red dragonfly but out at night
what are dragonflies like, similes?long poems about morning rain

haiku on popsicle

birthday girl on the telephone
dark surrealism bicycles
garden mushrooms underneath

shine of the moon clouds

poems about everything
scissors used in poetry

cherryblossom japanliving shortstory writer

mushroom dreams sweatshirt
even mushroom tree

whistle balloon

happy girl waving goodbye


4 thoughts on “what if the meaning of red dragonfly

  1. aloha Melissa – one of the most profound (or that I have found most profound) word search groups that has brought a searcher to my blog was this one:

    “is haiku written”

    I’ve been thinking a lot about this.

    I appreciate that this search could be from someone new too haiku as well as a master of haiku attempting to enlighten (particularly enlighten me perhaps).

    I’ve been coming to this (my) current conclusion for some time now. it’s one of those conclusions I think/feel/sense we sometimes have always known but have not always been able to get to in our (my) awareness. that is, haiku (actual haiku) is different from written haiku. written haiku is our human attempt to place into words this (actual haiku) thing that has nothing to do with words. yet doing so (creating this attempt in words) allows us to connect with other human beings around this non-word (actual) haiku-thing in some proximity to/with the actual haiku.

    … of course there is probably someone out there who could enlighten me quite easily on this I suppose. … maybe through another group of search words. ??

    • Oh, well, I know what you mean about the sort of Platonic ideal of poetry (if that is what you’re talking about)…though I think for me the fact that the poetry is words and is mediated by human beings is an essential part of it. It will always be imperfect for that reason, but it will also only exist for that reason. Which makes it more beautiful. IMHO.

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