4 thoughts on “February 4 (My Lost Cat)

  1. that’s saddening. i know sometimes you use your mind to see and what you see is not actually happening. …i hope this is the case here. it works really well as haiku. it leaves me sad tho. is that what Shiki Kukai is?

    • Oh, don’t be sad, Wrick. I have three cats, but none of them is lost or ever has been. They don’t even go outside. It’s just me lying again. 🙂

      And do you listen to a word I say? 🙂 (Just teasing you .. I know you hang on my every fascinating word.) The Shiki Kukai is a haiku contest wherein the participants vote on the winning entries. I’ve only mentioned it, like, three thousand times. You should go search in my handy-dandy little search box if you want to know more about it. Or Google it.

      This one came in either twelfth or fifteenth, I can’t remember. (There are two categories. The theme for this one was “Loss.” Most people wrote about people dying, so this was actually one of the lighter-hearted ones.)

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