5 thoughts on “June 4: 3 (A Pair of Cedars)

    • So glad you liked it, Tammy. By the way, I have been catching up with your poetry at your site and love it, especially the poem about your conversation with your mother…really powerful.

      I’d also like to converse with you sometime about your work on Dickens — a (mostly youth) theater group where I live has been presenting dramatic readings of his work based on the readings he gave (complete with elaborate Victorian costumes) and has also produced the full 12-hour Nicholas Nickleby. In one sitting. With a cast of under-18s. Yes, really — I was there! Their specialty is Shakespeare with a sideline in Shaw, but Dickens is definitely getting a look-in these days.

      • Thank you for reading my work!

        Dickens himself acted on stage and had many dramatic and public readings of his work, both in England and elsewhere. He’s an all-rounded performer, apart from being an excellent writer. I am very glad that his novels continue to inspire!

  1. One of my favorite memories is of reading “Great Expectations” aloud to my 13-year-old son…one of our last read-alouds before he got too busy to be read to during the day. (We also read “David Copperfield,” but frankly David annoys me, and even though I love long books, there is just. too. much. of that one.)

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