NaHaiWriMo, Week 3

15    bicycle light never stopping to let me catch up
16    multiplication tables all the things I can’t forget
17    peace pipe blowing bubbles beside the sea
18    expired passport all the nebulae I kept meaning to visit
19    protest march spring comes anyway
20    microwave platter my food comes from a dying star
21    resisting arrest unidentified weeds in the garden


Week One is here. Week Two is here.

Am I getting any better? … Never mind, I don’t want to know.

13 thoughts on “NaHaiWriMo, Week 3

  1. yeah i was going to tell you which ones i liked. then i realized the two i’d leave out will probably become my favorites. i protest. i protest. yeah, good thing spring comes anyway.

    we’re all still ripening. right? …that’s better right?

    the milk left out on the counter my plan for pancakes

      • #15 and #17 didnt appeal to me as much initially as the others. however i’ve often found with art work, that the work that does not knock me off my feet initially can come around to be the very ones i like the most eventually. …which is why i was hesitant to label them as not as favored.

        erm… lying? moi? ha. that is… i mean… well… i may not have left the milk out on the counter recently, but i’m sure i have at some point in my life. and i’m almost equally as sure the next day that i had a plan. and it was probably for pancakes. and if not, i learned this technique from you. well. may be i learned that it IS a technique. i know i’ve used it occasionally often enough so it has to be a technique. yes? bwahahahahaha. the trick is to eat all of those pancakes. then it’s fun.

        • I knew you would get the hang of lying eventually, Daddario, if I set a good enough example. 🙂
          “and if not, I learned this technique from you” — see, you’re starting to get the hang of shifting blame too! I should charge for my advice on these ethical matters.
          Pancakes … mmmm.

          • bwahahahahaha. oh, Allen. wait. … …it’s acknowledging the lie i learned from you, isnt it? sheesh. it’s only life btw. …i’ve also recently learned that inner and outer worlds of our being – are the same thing. void.

            okay. may be i’ll have to pay your fee. …as long as you can tell me… which ku is the lie. or not. or is that ethical? bwahahahaha. pancakes? sour batter pancakes. mmmmmm.

            the moon
            a perfect hole
            in the night

            or is it:

            the moon
            a perfect whole
            in the night

              • ha. it probably is. that would make sense. after writing those, i saw too that… was it Alagria(?) had written something about a hole in the night too i think. it seemed very similar. almost too familiar. i suppose that happens tho.

                what does the reflection of our inner being look like?

                is there a mirror that reflects more than our surface?

                and… i think i mentioned once before… how come we can not watch our self leave in a mirror?

                yeah, we are empty because we are void and we are full because we are everything of the void. or not.

                sheesh. must be past time to sleep.

    • Thanks, Bill. Yeah, I went back and forth on whether to leave “in the garden.” You’re probably right about it. Somehow I think it needs something besides the first four words though. Have to think about it more.

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