15 thoughts on “(lichen)

  1. I’ll forgo confession, and just say I relate to this one. For a few years now, I’ve been returning to a haiku that incorporates lichen, but like lichen, needs the right conditions, and hasn’t grown into itself. Yours has, I think.

  2. Perfect, that’s so good, Mel. And that first line, such a great set-up, as it seems about to go someplace unlovely, but then it is turned somewhere else completely

  3. I really like this. Lovely and touching. I usually do not share a similiar haiku in my comments but I’m trying to branch out. I posted this on March 19:

    luminous moon
    the lichen too
    breathe in the light

    • That’s lovely. I keep trying to write more lichen poetry but I find it quite difficult.

      I wonder if your first line was something more like “full moon” or “waxing moon” — would that give more of a sense of the moon breathing and thus connect it more strongly to the last two lines? It’s such a striking juxtaposition.

  4. Thank you. Luminous was chosen because it was the night of the “giant” full moon. It may have been last month when the moon appeared closer and larger than usual. The discussion of a single word and its varied nuances is very engaging. I appreciate your feedback and will reconsider the first line. I enjoy your blog/poems allot.

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